WowWee Untamed T-Rex + Raptor Jailbreak Playset by Fingerlings

What happens when Fingerlings Untamed dinosaurs get a little too… ferocious? This special cage comes with Breakout, an exclusive T-Rex with eyes that glow in the dark and a fierce desire to escape and Bolt, an exclusive Raptor. These finger-gripping creatures are fierce and unpredictable, so beware: If you pull the lever, one of the ferocious Dino's will bust out of the cage! The Untamed baby dinosaur toys react to sound, motion and touch with over 40 different animations and special sound effects. In untamed mode, they roar, hiss and chomp! In tame mode they nuzzle, purr and love to be near you. Will you tame them into friendly companions or unleash their inner beasts?