The Remote Controlled Abrams Tank

We found just what you need to feel like you’re truly part of real-life military action. Remarkably authentic in design, this remote-controlled Abrams Tank is an accurate depiction of it’s true to life counterpart, the M1A2 tank. Offered in a 1:16 scale and easy to control from up to 60 feet away, this cool machine certain to bring hours of entertainment to anyone who receives it.
This exclusively crafted tank is operated via a 2.4 GHz digital remote and allows forward, backward, left and right movement. Unlike other war toys, The side turning angel of its turret can rich 320-degree spins if desired. It features smoke function effect, in addition, to its machine-gun and motor start-up incredibly realistic sounds. The tank also includes headlights and a rechargeable battery that provides 15 minutes of use.

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