The McLaren Super Series simulator by Vesaro

The McLaren Super Series simulators embody the engineering and design of the McLaren Super Series vehicle range, bringing subtle design elements and authentic components from the cars into an existing award-winning world class simulator system.  This combination of leading simulation technology and McLarens pioneering design and engineering have resulted in a unique collaboration and a world first for the simulation industry.

The simulator uses authentic components taken directly from the McLaren vehicles themselves, ensuring the highest quality and most authentic McLaren experience possible.  One of these key components is the steering wheel; a genuine McLaren production wheel as used in models such as the 650S. , The wheel also incorporates the same paddle shifters-, replicating the paddle shift gear-change feeling and solidifying the link between simulator and car.

Includes a fully electric adjustable seat with the full range of adjustments available in the car, including lumber support, height, distance and recline functions. This allows the user to obtain the perfect seating position and ultimate comfort for the McLaren simulated experience.

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