Shifu Plugo Count – Math Kit – Educational STEM Toy

Solving mathematical questions never looked this fun—Plugo Count will make your child fall in love with problem-solving, especially when it involves numbers.

Plugo is an immersive, educational augmented reality gaming system that unifies both tactile and digital gameplay. Plugo enhances the intelligence of your child’s mind, making them ready for the future. Kids get access to unlimited activities that put them in different thrilling situations that test their Math abilities and makes numbers fun.

Plugo Count is developed by Shifu, an award-winning toys manufacturer. With Plugo Count, kids solve Math questions ranging from simple arithmetics to interesting word problems. Plugo Count engages Auditory, Visual, and Tactile senses. It is perfect for all kids, no matter what their learning style is. The games are designed to adjust the learning concepts and the difficulty as per age of the kid.