Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

With a futuristic design and lightning speed, the PowerRider 360 electric powered 3-wheeler from Razor promises and delivers a ton of fun. With the push of a button, you’re off – no pedaling required. Race at speeds up to 9 mph, cut full 360 degree spins, slide, even drift on PowerRider 360’s high-performance duel inclined rear caster wheels.

This small drifting beast is made from a welded steel frame with moto-style double crown fork design create a unique look for this electric tricycle. Its Steering can help kids develop core and neck strength while seated, as well as arm extension and reach while holding the handlebars and operating the hand-powered front brake. Race at speeds up to 9 mph. PowerRider 360’s high-performance duel inclined rear caster wheels. This Razor machine operates on a 24V corrosive and rechargeable lead battery. When fully charged, the battery can keep the scooter moving for over 10 miles or 40 minutes of steady usage.  Can't go wrong with it!

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