PJ Masks Seeker Truck Toy

Big things happened in Toy Fair 2019, one of the NY event highlights was the biggest PJ Masks toy yet! Heading to its third season, Just Play unveiled the PJ Seeker, a special tech vehicle that has lights, sounds and offers a wide range of play styles and fun hero activities. The new truck lets kids recreate Catboy, Owlette and Gekko adventures as they try to save the day!

PJ Masks Seeker render CREDIT: JUST PLAY

Why We Like It

  • This the biggest PJ Masks toy yet
  • Clever design - Stores up to 4 cars
  • There's a cage in which to trap villains and a small crane
  • The truck splits into two vehicles at the press of a button

Need to Know

  • The PJ Seeker will be available September 2019
  • Ages 3 and up
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