Origin’s Big O gaming PC

Although raising a professional gamer at home is not something most parents planned on, creating the right conditions for their kids to succeed is something every parent can relate to. That's why you should take a long, hard look at the Big O: The ultimate gaming bandle. In honor of  Origin PC 10th anniversary, the company decided to go "All In" and created the ultimate gaming machine. Under the cabinet you will find a hybrid combination of a powerful PC and 3 consoles: an Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Nintendo Switch!
Yes, these guys broke all the rules and created a new standard of gifts for the child who has everything! Basically, they squeezed the whole world of video games under one happy unit!

Good to know:
  • The Nintendo Switch console can be removed from the dock at any time.
  • A beautiful custom liquid cooling system was implemented to cool the 2 consoles.
  • An internal 4K HMDI switch lets a single cable connect a TV or monitor.
  • She has Hazel eyes and silky strawberry-blond hair that can be brushed and styled.
  • 2TB SSDs were implemented for more storage and faster performance.
  • Features an NVIDIA Titan RTX Graphics Card.

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