MorfBoard Skate & Scoot Combo

Extreme sports have gained enormous popularity over the past two decades. If your children are the kind of kids who are always pushing the limits of what they can do, then you might want to consider MorfBoard as their next toy.

Welcome my friends to a world of endless possibilities! The guys at Morf has done the impossible and brought action sports to everyone in a way that made it accessible, simple, affordable, and fun - in a totally new and innovative way! The MorfBoard, is a Scooter & Skateboard Combo Set! A hybrid board that allows you to easily swap components and morph it in seconds. Lock in the Scoot Xtension to create a scooter, the Skate Xtension to get a skateboard. Its patented Lock & Release Technology makes switching fast and easy.

As the Morf universe continues to expand, new boards will be launch, in new colors, and new Xtensions, so you’ll always have new and innovative ways to have fun.