Mclaren mini 720S ride-on supercar for kids

Beauty and exclusivity do come at a price. So if the $300,000 price tag McLaren is asking for the 720S is out of your budget, there is a cheaper way of owning one. Check out this mini Mclaren 720S ride-on car for kids! This "supercar" is powered by an electric motor operated by a pedal, engine sounds, carbon-style elements, brake light at the rear and a key ignition - just like the real deal. Unlike the Bugatti Baby II ride-on toy shocking base price ($34,000), the McLaren 720S mini version is actually affordable, you can grab one for less than $400.

Good to know:
  • This ride-on car features an autonomous driving’ mode.
  • Nothing screams fancy like an open top car with ridiculous butterfly wing doors.
  • Seven further McLaren paint choices are available.
  • The Infotainment system can play music or even show a movie on dashboard screen.
  • Remote control included.
  • Manufacturer recommended age 3 and up.

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