LEGO Ideas 21318 – Tree House playset

Lego has just unveiled a beautiful, 14-inch-tall 21318 Treehouse playset. This design idea started as a small and ambitious project at the Lego Ideas program in the fall of 2017. A year later, more than 10,000 Lego enthusiasts showed their support for the Treehouse creative idea and now it became a certified Lego kit!

This awesome, 3,036-piece toy features a landscape base, tree with interchangeable sets of green (summer) leaves and yellow and brown (fall) leaves, 4 minifigures, swing (hanging from the tree), 3 cabins, a ladder to the cabins and much more. The Treehouse set currently on sale for Lego VIPs only but will be available to everyone else on August 1st.

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