Hasbro Monopoly Game: Marvel Deadpool Edition

“With great power comes great merchandising opportunity.”- Deadpool knows best! and this time, when he meets the Monopoly game it's like peanut butter and fried trout - a perfect match! This edition includes everything players need for traditional Monopoly gameplay, with elements based on the characters, art, and dry humor of Marvel's comic book character! Build your own team of Mercs for money as you purchase the contracts of the world's best mercenaries.

Get ready to wheel and deal, buy vehicles like a chimichanga truck, and steal friends' stuff with the Cheap Shot and Low Blow spaces. Marvel Deadpool Edition features Contract, Pouches, and Dumb Luck cards. Players move around the board hiring as many Mercenaries and buying as many Sweet Rides as they can. The more players own, the more cash they'll get. The last player with any money when all other players have gone bankrupt wins!

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