Hape Discovery Space Center

Elon Musk and SpaceX have given a new generation of kids a reason to love space. Encourages imaginative thinking and creative story-telling with this exclusive discovery space center from Hape toys. Whether your child prefers to adventure with astronauts, aliens, or both, the 37-piece Discovery Space Center provides endless fuel for imaginative explorations into any galaxy. This highly detailed, four-level spaceship is designed like actual space shuttles with areas for mission control, an on-board laboratory, a living compartment and even an exercise room all connected by a working elevator for children to utilize as they launch into the great universe. I love the way Hape put it -  "The future begins and belongs to our children. It is our duty to leave them with infinite possibilities, not unsolvable problems". You never know where their creativity might take them, but let's make sure our kids will be well equipped.

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